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Watch for These Reptiles (and More)

Coachella Valley Fringe-Toed Lizzards are very special to the Preserve.  Some would say they are what drove the creation of the Preserve.  If you see one while walking about, please give it plenty of space - they are still endangered

But there are many more reptiles that you are more likely to see including many other types of lizards.  And while taking that hike, please watch for snakes.  There are several varities of rattlesnake on the Preserve.  Just don't harrass them and they won't harrass you.

Following are a few photos of the reptiles you might see on the Preserve. Go to our 
reptiles photo album (in development) to see more pictures. Submit your own photo to be added to that page by sending it to [email protected] with a note permitting us to use it. Look for visitor photos on our Visitor Photos page.

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